Flagship Real Estate Group is dedicated to see San Diego get through the pandemic stronger than ever! The Real Estate industry changed overnight, and it is understandably uncertain times for home buyers and sellers. Flagship Real Estate Group’s Team of dedicated Realtors are still working and able to assist you remotely! Luckily, Real Estate has been deemed an essential service, but just like everyone else – we have been forced to change and adapt to a new(temporary) normal.

Flagship Real Estate Group team of professional Realtors are up-to date on all facets affecting the market and we are actually discovering new opportunities expanding purchasing power – this is good news for buyers and sellers that still need move regardless of the current situation. Flagship’s agents can guide you through any relevant programs and are the first to know when anything new comes available.

Flagship found a way to help both their Agents stay connected to the market while helping their Clients not only survive but thrive after this is over. A mortgage is usually someone’s biggest bill and when your income has been affected – it’s a ball of stress. No one should have to decide if they should feed their family or pay the mortgage and there are plenty of programs available. Since Flagship Agent are already trained in loan modifications, distressed & complex transactions – we should use this unique skill set in the best way possible by offering free forbearance assistance to our Clients affected by COVID19. We are training our Agents on lender guidelines, types of investors & getting in touch with our loss mitigation connections we built over the years. Miguel Manzanares, Flagship’s Broker and his Wife, Bridget have actually helped hundreds of homeowners avoid foreclosure over the years and even today, are active in the Foreclosure market and we just assigned 2 new REO assets in the last 2 weeks. All of this experience is transferable to what’s happening in our market today and anything new we learn will be relevant for a while.

Forbearance isn’t always the best option, we can help educate you on any relevant programs. We will help determine what programs are worth applying for, assist you with the paperwork and even follow up with your bank and negotiate the best terms for you. We have a unique opportunity now to pioneer programs with the Banks that will ultimately help the consumer survive financially through COVID19.


“A Forbearance is typically a temporary fix that will affect you when you go to sell. While it is a great solution for the short term, people need to know their options”


We are anticipating a huge need for this service so we are limiting to our past and active Clients. We are hoping to expand free mortgage assistance to all of North County, and hopefully all San Diego homeowners in the near future. We are applying for available programs and hope to use those funds to pay our Realtors and possibly hire to meet the demand. We want to continue to provide advice to Homeowners for free and want our Agents to be compensated for providing this important service. If you are a licensed Agent with a background in foreclosures, please email us at MyFuture@FlagshipREG.com and let us know a little about your background. At this time we are only considering Licensed Agents.


If you are a San Diego Homeowner and need FREE FORBEARANCE ASSISTANCE – Please email Clients@FlagshipREG.com. Please include your Name, Address, Mortgage Lender & contact info and will get back with you in 1-2 days.


Email only please…we will have an 800 number posted once our team is trained and able to assist. We are working hard to have all the details by the end of the week.

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We are working! Flagship Agents have been trained to keep you safe! If you are buying or selling - we can still help you achieve your goals! Have questions about Forbearance or need help with your bank? We are staying updated on all issues and programs to help you through the crisis AND CAN OFFER FREE ADVISE to homeowners affected by COVID19.

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